The Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District confirmed the first mosquito sample to test positive for West Nile virus in the county for the 2021 season. The mosquitoes were collected in a mosquito trap in western Placer County near the Westpark neighborhood of Roseville.

The District’s vector and disease surveillance program traps and tests mosquitoes weekly throughout the county. The District uses the results to assess the risk to people, inform the public and make preventative or responsive vector control treatments in the most safe, timely and effective way possible to protect public health.

“Typically, we detect mosquitoes positive for West Nile virus in the county at this time of year. We anticipate an active West Nile virus season while drought conditions persist,” stated Joel Buettner, Placer Mosquito District Manager. “We encourage residents to wear an EPA-registered repellent to protect themselves from mosquito bites while we plan for treatments to help lower the risk of disease transmission to people.”

West Nile virus is a potentially serious illness transmitted through the bite of a female mosquito and there is no cure. The best way to avoid WNV is to prevent mosquito bites with an EPA-registered repellent, dump and drain standing water on your property to prevent mosquito breeding and if you think you have a mosquito problem, submit a problem report on the District website.

The District’s website will be continually updated with the latest West Nile virus information.