Community outreach is an important part of Placer Mosquito’s Integrated Vector Management approach to mosquito control. Our comprehensive community outreach program includes diverse outreach elements to protect public health in Placer County through promoting mosquito and vector-borne disease awareness, educating on how to protect yourself and the community from disease-transmission, informing residents about important District news, encouraging resident accountability, leading with transparency and developing and nurturing partnerships with local stakeholders and community groups.

School Outreach

Placer Mosquito Learning Lab

The Placer Mosquito Learning Lab

The Placer Mosquito Learning Lab is a space for students, educators and the community to learn, play and experiment with science. From teacher-approved lesson plans to interactive assemblies, the Learning Lab provides resources to encourage science-based learning, hands-on internships and future public health careers to all ages in Placer County.

Community Presentations

We provide District updates and educational information to City Councils, neighborhood and community groups. We tailor the important information in our presentations to suit your audience’s needs and interests.