The Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District fosters partnerships and offers professional development opportunities to industry agencies, stakeholder organizations, and community groups.

Our district has previously collaborated with organizations such as the Navy Entomology, and Preventative Medical Unit. These partnerships have included district tours, hands-on training, employee shadowing, continuing-education presentations, and webinars or guest speaking engagements led by subject matter experts from our District.

Below are summaries of some of our past collaborative engagements. For more information or if you’re interested in working with our District, please email

Past Collaborative Partnerships

Valent BioSciences and Azelis 2024 Spring Workshop

Supervisor, Scott Schon, presented Using UAS for Larvicide Applications at the Valent BioSciences and Azelis 2024 Spring Workshop titled New Ideas for Attacking Old Problems.

Palomar College Hosts Federal Aviation Administration Drone Safety Day

District manager, Joel Buettner, represented the District and the American Mosquito Control Association at Palomar College’s Drone Safety Day, an annual campaign designed to educate drone users of the importance of flying safely, inspiring fun drone activities and connecting a community of enthusiast. The event brought together over 80 local high school students and drone professionals from across the country. There were presentations and a variety of interactive activities like speed-networking with drone professionals, drone obstacle challenges, drone soccer demonstrations, and drone racing with simulators.

U.S. Navy’s Preventive Medicine Unit

Placer Mosquito welcomed three sailors stationed at Camp Pendleton in Southern California who are trained in IPM/IVM, are DoD CAT-8 (public health) certified pesticide applicators and have ID training for the major vector mosquitoes. The sailors spent 2.5 days shadowing district staff and leadership in the following areas:

  • Disease Testing
  • Mosquito and Disease Surveillance
  • Mosquito Source Work
  • Data Collection and Use
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program’s Urban and Community IPM Webinar (UC IPM)

District senior research scientist, Mary Sorensen, presented about integrated vector management and the common ticks and mosquitoes in California that can vector human diseases like West Nile virus and Lyme disease during the UC IPM Urban and Community Webinar Series. Watch the webinar.